Monday, November 11, 2013

Firmware Update Pantech Sky phones Via Internet Explorer [ Online Method ]

Sky is a Korean Android smartphone which is manufactured by Pantech mobile. Recently they gained enough popularity in the overseas markets. Unlike other leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola, Sky Vega doesn’t provide any phone flashing tools at all. All the flashing is done by ActiveX framework in Internet Explorer 8 and later. So, So u can’t save the firmware files of Sky Vega for offline flashing. Every time you want to flash/update a Sky Vega phone, you are forced to connect your phone to Sky Vega update servers via Internet Explorer and wait for the files to download and flash which takes a couple of hours at least.

This flash/update way for u if :
1, You are in a semi-bricked state and you can at least get to the download mode.
2, If there is no screen feedback when trying to turn on the phone, or when trying to get to the download mode or by connecting the charger, it is a hard brick and you need the services of a JTAG professional.
3, You are stuck in custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) and flashing a custom rom zip via recovery isn’t helping.

Which things u Required : 
1, A Windows XP / 7 PC with USB 2.0 port.
2, Internet Explorer 8 or newer.
3, Sky Vega drivers download it from Here
4, A good quality internet connection

If you don’t use Internet Explorer as your primary browser and don’t have any history/bookmarks there, it is strongly recommended to reset Internet Explorer before proceeding. This is to ensure that everything stated here works for you. For resetting Internet Explorer, go to “Settings > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset” and tick “Delete personal settings” before clicking the “Reset” button again. & don't forget Before proceeding, make sure you’ve installed the Sky Vega USB drivers.

Firmware update procedure :   
# Open Internet Explorer 8 or newer
# Open up this address in Internet Explorer
# Internet Explorer asks u to install the add-on installed ActiveX & now press Install button
# After installing ActiveX Then power off the phone,in SW mode = simultaneously pressing power, volume-, volume + , pull down select PDA download mode & press the power button to enter. then plug the cable into the PC

# In the address bar in Internet Explorer, there is a small button for enabling/disabling “Compatibility View” which is labelled as “2″ in the screenshot above. You need to click at it now. Make sure you click it just once and not twice or your will be toggling the compatibility view on and off. We need it enabled.
when the spin button to change the arrow keys you press okay “3″ in the screenshot above



  1. I have a sky vega IM-A770K,Rom was 4.0.4(Olleh).When I follow this procedure,My phone is upgraded in 4.1.2.But my phone has changed into IM-A760s and olleh changed to T service.Now I am facing many problems like it has no 3G option

  2. Please some body tell me what sould I do now

  3. a video prof must post here.... or elase our sky vega might be bricked... i haven't search the best reference on how to update sky vega via IE

  4. how long does it take to flash ?

  5. Its been so long since your good company release the kitkat update for your secret up which is one of the best high end phone for 32bit.. when will you guys release at least the lollipop update? Hope you give us a chance to be updated.. thanks and more power!